About half of divorced people wish
they had worked harder to save their marriage.

Are there rocks not overturned in your marriage?

Are there thoughts and feelings not expressed, mistakes not acknowledged, help not sought?

Often people feel they (and their partner) could have done more to make the marriage work.

  • If at least one partner is leaning toward divorce but not certain divorce is right, Discernment Counseling may be right for you.
  • About half of discernment couples choose the reconciliation path via couples counseling, most of the others proceed directly to divorce.
  • Discernment couples often leave more settled and confident about their next steps. Divorce lawyers tell us discernment couples are calmer and the divorce process is smoother because of the work done in discernment counseling.
  • If you are certain you want to divorce, closure counseling may be for you.

I’m certain I want a divorce    I’m still trying to decide if I want a divorce